RAM Booster Expert

RAM Booster Expert 1.60

Clears up the system's RAM
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Bodrag S.R.L.
Enhances the PC's overall performance and stability by freeing up the RAM. Useful when the system is slowed down by too many running applications.

RAM Booster Expert is a RAM memory optimizer. It free up RAM memory and make your computer faster and stable. It allows you to instantly free up memory when your system slows down. Also it will defragment physical memory and will recover used memory from Windows and other applications. It is an easy and powerful tool for both beginners and experts. Our application integrates also a process and startup manager. It has a easy to use interface that will display many information about free and used physical memory, free and used page file, CPU usage and clipboard content. You can use the schedule feature to optimize the memory when you are away from the computer.

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